Lash Lifts


A lash lift is a natural lash enhancement treatment that will give the appearance of thicker, longer lashes that can last up to 8 weeks. This is ideal if you’re looking for beautiful lashes without the application of eyelash extensions.

The lifting effect naturally enhances the thickness of your lashes giving a more defined look, and eyelash tinting will make your newly lifted lashes even more visible. You can choose the type of curl you would like, from a soft and natural flick to a more dramatic curl. This treatment is ideal for anyone with straight natural lashes or those looking for a natural curl without the need for extensions.


How is it Done?

Before starting the actual process I will gently cleanse the eye area and lashes with protein remover pads to ensure the lashes and skin are free of makeup and oil. I will the apply a silicone mould or shield onto the eyelid using a non-toxic water based glue.  

With the silicone mould on the eyelid, I begin to curl the lashes using the glue over the mould, which is curved upward and outward to create a curl. Once the lashes are adhered to the shield and separated, two solutions are applied. Finally the tint is applied before releasing the lashes from the shield.


It may look uncomfortable but I have had clients fall asleep during this procedure! The lash lift and tint service can take upto an hour. 

Unlike lash extensions where clients must take constant care when cleansing their face, in humid environments, when sleeping etc. A lash lift is maintenance and worry free. Simply avoid getting lashes wet or using eye make up for the first 24 hours after treatment but beyond that entirely normal routines can resume. Morning wake ups are easy and many clients find they do not even require mascara if also tinted as well as lifted.